Keepers of the Light Oracle 6/16/2022

HOPE: Love and Acceptance; Love is yours. Recognize your divine worth. Choose loving thoughts.

Hope is an angel who is dedicated to promoting the idea that we on Earth are loved, cherished and supported by the kingdom of heaven. She is all about helping us see the light beyond whatever darkness we are in. Traveling as part of a holy trinity (Faith, Hope and Charity), she helps us recognize that hope isn’t about wishing for something good to happen or help to arrive, but trusting that support is already present. Hope is the twin flame of Archangel Gabriel. She has a gentle presence, but she is absolutely glorious. She sings sweet harmonies to us and these songs are waves of love washing away anything that stands between us and self-love and acceptance.

Angels are gathering round you in celebration that you are finally willing to see how loving and lovable you are. Hope is here with her legion of love angels, guiding you to see that you deserve loving relationships, loving experiences and loving acceptance from the world around you. It seems that you are really moving beyond the limitations that you once had in this department, but know that whenever you do question your worth, you can call on Hope to shine her golden light upon you. Your angels want you to know that they love and cherish you – and they’re grateful that you’re giving yourself the same support.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

LORD GANESH: Infinite Abundance; Obstacles are being removed. Spiritual support and connections are increasing.

Ganesh, also known as Ganapataye, is the Hindu elephant-headed god. The son of Lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati, legend says he received his elephant head as a replacement after his father sliced his human one off when he mistook him for an intruder. Ganesh is acknowledged as the lord who removes obstacles and is much loved by taxi drivers in India because they believe he helps them weave in and out of the crazy traffic. Ganesh is a sweet-toothed, life-loving, joyful, dancing and very approachable god. He will use his light to weave a perfect path for you.

It’s important at this time to move beyond the limitations of “it’s not meant to be” and focus on “if this is for my highest good then the universe will take me there safely”. Ganesh is not only bringing a clear light to your external situation but also helping you clear up any inner conflicts. When obstacles arise, know that they are just reminders that you care about your path and that you have the ability to change your current situation. Ganesh is here to help you. Thank him for clearing the way. To increase your connection to him, you may want to change in Sanskrit: ‘Om,Gam, Ganapataye, Namaha!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

ODIN: Psychic Insight; Your third eye is open. See truth for what it is. Follow your intuition.

Odin is the Norse ‘all-father’ god who is revered to the present day. He is a powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing god. His twin flame is Freya and, like her, he has a raven totem. The story goes that he surrendered one of his eyes at a mystical spring called Mimir, so that he could gain the wisdom of the ages. He is a strong but somewhat wild character who helps us reawaken our natural psychic instincts and open our third eye so we can look beyond the physical senses and into the spiritual realms. He also helps us recognize that it’s okay to have insights into what’s happening next. After all, we are the creators of our path. Odin guards the runic alphabet, too, and works closely with signs, symbols and omens.

You are being encouraged to look beyond what your physical eyes are showing you. Look within and follow your intuition or psychic visions. You may want to plan ahead at this time. It’s important to keep your mind and energy focused on the best possible outcome. There will be signs and symbols from the light to tell you that you are on the right path. Be aware of winged beings gracing your path as a wink from Odin and the light keepers to say that they are honoring your work.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 6/15/2022

COSMIC SAPPHIRE: Act with honor and integrity. Speak your truth.

This card brings a message of personal empowerment and calls on you to decide what is right for you. Be true to yourself, no matter what. Archangel Michael and your unicorn will merge their energy in order to illuminate you.

While physical sapphires are powerful, cosmic ones hold Archangel Michael’s light at an even higher frequency. They are the palest translucent white-blue and carry the light of higher communication, power and integrity combined with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to take action. They also radiate Source love.

Archangel Michael is in charge of the development of the throat chakras of humanity, so when you visualize a cosmic sapphire in your throat, it expands and illuminates this sensitive spiritual center. Its facets cut away old fears and patterns and allow the highest qualities of your communication center to blossom. The ultimate lessons of this chakra are: “Trust in God’ and ‘Trust in yourself.”

A cosmic sapphire brings you into alignment with your God self, so choose something you wish to say, do or accomplish. Then invoke a cosmic sapphire and sit or stand within it, knowing that it brings you total protection, courage, and the strength to speak your truth. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Truth and integrity have such resonance that others will feel your honesty and respond accordingly. You will also have the courage and power to protect those who are vulnerable.

Work with a cosmic sapphire: Breathe in and out of your throat chakra. Ask Archangel Michael to place a cosmic sapphire there. See your unicorn illuminate it with beautiful love. Sense the cosmic sapphire growing bigger until you are inside it. You can speak or act with honor, courage and truth. Visualize yourself doing so. Picture a positive outcome beyond your greatest expectation.

Affirmation: “I trust in God and in myself.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

CARING COMMUNITY: Participate and belong. Enrich your life.

The world is starting to embrace an understanding of Oneness. As this happens, fifth-dimensional communities are starting to form. A caring community is based on heart-to-heart connection, kindness, inclusion, cooperation, seeing the best in others and empowering them. When you are part of this, you feel you belong and are supported, so you want to contribute joyfully, for the highest good of all and your life becomes enriched.

If you are already part of a caring community, your guidance is actively to deepen your commitment to it. If you are not, it is to take a step to co-creating a caring community in your workplace or your neighborhood. Smile at a neighbor, talk to someone, volunteer, plant some flowers in a communal place or actively do something to bring people together. You can make a difference.

Your community is part of your support system. It roots you into your area. The more you participate, the more you belong and the safer you feel. Spiritually, it lights up all your chakras.

During the legendary Golden Era of Atlantis, the people formed fifth-dimensional communities in which they worked and played together in a way that served the communal good. Each individual contributed what brought them soul satisfaction and this was embraced and encouraged by everyone. Living in a happy, caring fifth-dimensional community enabled them to maintain a high frequency, so unicorns connected to them.

Take steps towards community: Be kind to someone today. Actively include someone.

Visualize community: Close your eyes and call your unicorn. Ask it to fill you with fifth-dimensional community light. Picture every dwelling in your area radiating pink and gold light. Every front door is wide open. People are talking to each other and laughing. Everyone is happily cooperating for the highest good of all. Notice how this feels.

Affirmation: “I bring people together.”

DIVINE POTENTIAL: Fulfil your destiny. Be all you can be.

This is a card of destiny. Before you build a house, an architect draws up a blueprint of the best possible building that can be constructed in the space and conditions available. In exactly the same way, your higher self, guides and over-lighting archangel draw up a blueprint of the greatest potential for your incarnation. This blueprint is held by your guardian angel and deposited in your Earth Star chakra. When you receive this card, you are advised to look carefully at your life. It suggests there are gifts, talents or aspects of yourself still to be explored or activated.

Are you doing the best you can? Are you living a little life when your divine plan is to live a big one? Do you have hidden depths to plumb? Are there areas of your life that you could develop? Do you have special qualities waiting to emerge?

It is time to explore your hopes, dreams and visions. What would you love to do in your life? What excites you? Your guidance is to expand your consciousness. The plan for your life may be bigger than you have realized. When a caterpillar feels the call, it builds a cocoon around itself and allows the divine energy within it to effect a transformation. In the same way a metamorphosis is taking place within you now. Ask your unicorn to touch you with its horn, for it is time to emerge and spread your etheric wings. Prepare to fly.

Expand your potential: Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Your unicorn is presenting you with a golden scroll. On it is your divine blueprint. What you still have to achieve is written in red! Your unicorn builds a cocoon around you. Rest in the darkness for three breaths. When you open your eyes, spread your wings.

Affirmation: “I AM all I can be.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 6/14/2022

FOXFIRE: At this moment, there is confusion over which direction to take. There are decisions which need to be made, but at this stage, there is no sense that one way will be the “right” way. Amidst this inertia and inability to choose comes this Kitsune, wielding with it the luminous power of Foxfire. With this magickal flame, worries and concerns can be burned away, and the dark road ahead, upon which you have been stumbling, falling, hurting yourself, and becoming lost, will now be lit with the bright fire. This Kitsune knows you have been lost and will take you forward with a long, bright chain of fire, stretching into the distance. But first, like the fox, you must find your courage, and begin to walk forward into the fire around you. In this way, there will be no flame that can burn you. There will be no harm or regret, but simply the act of movement in the direction of the flame, which will provide you with all you need to know at this time.

Let yourself see, clearly, the flames dancing and the road they dance upon. See, clearly, that movement itself will save you from the despair which had led to the sense of futility and loss. And know that this Kitsune’s role is to help you now, and to see you through till that clear path is fully opened and bright, and you can find your way on your own, once again. And with that ability, your passion and desire for life, your daily rejoicing in simply being here, will return, too. The negativity will be burned away until all that remains is the hope and the courage and the passion, once again. Trust the fires of the fox. And begin to step into the bright heart of the flame.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

EMPOWERMENT: Within the realm of the Kitsune are beautiful ponds, still and tranquil, yet within them teems magickal life. Amongst the beings who dwell there are the koi mermaids, who come to you now with their message of empowerment. You are becoming stronger, calmer, more staunch and clear in your purpose and message, and there is a direction you are now setting that will be reached. The koi mermaids help the koi to preserve, to meet their challenges with perseverance and courage and a sense that every moment of dedication and learning will bring about the desired result.

This is the card of the person who is moving towards a goal, and even encountering setbacks, and so the koi mermaid comes to you to ask you to continue, to cheer you on, and to acknowledge that the heroic journey you are undertaking is indeed worthwhile. While you are so focused on this task or goal, others around you see your work, and are inspired in their own personal quest. You are beautiful in your tenacity, and every step of the way sees you grow. It may feel at times as though the flow of the stream is against you, but this is not the time to go with the flow – it is time to make your own way through the waters of life, even if others seem to be heading in a different direction. It is not time for the easy path – you will carve your own way through the waters, for you are on your way to great good fortune, prosperous times, and an enriched sense of what you are capable of.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

FIND A PLACE TO WITHDRAW TO: There are times when we must retreat from the world as it seems to be, for we are more caught up in its oppressions and illusions than we know, and in time, we can lose that wilder part of our soul. The childlike part that draws nourishment from the natural world is over-whelmed at the present, and if we do not attend to this inner wild one’s needs, there will be a high price to pay. So, when this card comes, know that the world in which we are tested again and again against harshness and endurance can only be borne by the finding of its antidote – a hidden place where we can go and replenish the wild child within us, so they can come back to life in our everyday world once again.

You will know of the need to do this when you have not felt happy, truly happy, for some time, or when what we call work dominates the precious moments of your life. It is when out mood sours and curls up, and a quiet hostility and shard of resentment have worked their bitter way into our souls. These are your signs that you need the blessing of retreat, of silence, of solitude, of safety and peace. There is too much in the world that you have felt you must endure – this card asks you to treat yourself with more sensitivity and to gift yourself with regular time out from the hammer of the world. Whether this place is within, through meditation or quiet contemplation, or outside, a place where you can go and be, for a time without criticism, know that you are not too thin-skinned. You are not weak. You are a delicate being, and you must address the pain within through the finding of a safe place – which Kitsune realms are full of – to bring the wild one, the strong one within back to life so it can take its place at the center of your beautiful existence once again. Let the Kitsune guide you to a safe space. Do not neglect your own soul. Do not forsake your own precious self. You are a treasure, yes, even in all your fragility, and you are loved beyond your dreams.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/13/2022

MARY MAGDALENE: Courage, Visionary

Stay focused on things of true importance. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Your spiritual walk is a personal one. Have courage and do not shy away from your purpose. Step up and speak your truth powerfully with grace and wisdom. Trust your inner strength to lead you to where you are meant to be. Awaken to love within and all around you. Know you are held in the arms of love and cannot be separated from the love that created you.

One gentle, empowered voice can set grand and sacred designs into motion. Pay attention to intuitive guidance and revelations and share those things revealed to you. Expand your knowledge into more truth, more clarity, and more grace. You have gifts that can help make the world a better place. Share what you know with patience and devotion. Remember to address challenging people with compassion and integrity without sacrificing your needs or losing sight of your purpose.

Call on Mary Magdalene: to receive visions that bring about spiritual growth and for help understanding the messages; when someone is jealous of you or vying for your position, whether at work or in family life; for reassurance that you are on the right path and that there is no need to worry or defend yourself; if falsely accused and needing the truth of a situation to be revealed.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

ARTEMIS: Independence and Empowerment

Do not be afraid to assert yourself. Be aware of your power as a divine creature. You are sufficient and capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

Be confident in yourself and find the courage to stand on your own two feet. This may be in reference to leaving your parent’s or partner’s home, being independent in business, or being emotionally independent. It is nice to have companionship and emotional support, but you don’t need others to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. Have gratitude for the people who surround and believe in you. Most of all, know that you do not need a partner unless you want one. “Alone” is not the same as “lonely”.

Call on Artemis: to regain your sense of determination, when you are feeling disempowered and need to assert yourself; for help trusting your strength and instincts; when you need illumination on your path; for support in speaking about your needs and wants, and to advocate for your highest good; when you are scared and lonely; when you need protection; to help heal from broken friendships and open your heart to the possibilities of new relationships with women; if you are dealing with codependency and attachment issues.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

LAKSHMI: Abundance and Good Fortune

Be attentive to opportunities that present themselves. They hold nuggets of prosperity that will manifest in your life now or in the future. Act toward achieving prosperity, trusting that you are supported, and your objective will come to fruition. Good fortune is coming your way; expect a positive turn of events in your life. Your path is clear to receive financial flow. Relax, enjoy life, and share your abundance with others. There is enough for everyone.

Keep in mind that prosperity speaks of the richness and abundance that surrounds you in ways you may not be seeing. Become aware of beauty and joy already present in your life. Allow yourself to experience all that surrounds you with gratitude. Gratitude is a great magnifier and attractor for abundance.

Call on Lakshmi: when you feel unfulfilled; to help you heal scarcity-mindedness; to support the co-creation of material and spiritual abundance in your life; for blessings of prosperity in your home and business.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

ISIS: Sacred Unions and Relationships

Relationships and partnerships are important, so take time to nurture them and those you care about. Make time in your life for friends and family. Practice active listening and sharing. It is important to give clear messages about how you feel to ensure your needs are met. Sort out the issues in your heart to be clear about the message you want to share.

You also have the magickal power to heal yourself and others. Strengthening your relationships will help you expand into who you are meant to be. Learn the sacred dance of living deeply and loving fully. Learn to meet your own needs rather than relying on your loved ones to do so. This frees everyone for a healthier, more nurturing love.

Call on Isis: to help foster good feelings and heal negative patterns carried through from childhood and previous relationships; for help in healing relationships with others; when you have suffered a heartbreak that is difficult to get over; to invoke her support and blessing in ritual and magick.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/12/2022

SEEING THE TRUE YOU: Sometimes we believe what others tell us we are, as though the self we see reflected back to us through their eyes is truth. Yet the accuracy of a reflection depends on the clarity of that which is doing the reflecting! If the receiver forms any opinion about what is perceived, then what is reflected back to us will, at best, be distorted. It is not necessarily through ill will, it is just the mechanics of the situation. Even when the moon reflects the sun in varying degrees of fullness and clarity. We can learn something of the nature of sun from the moon, but not as much as through direct perception.

This oracle has come to you because you have been putting too much faith in the reflections others have of you – to the point that you might not be honoring all that you are and all that you are becoming, because you believe too little of yourself.

There may be those around you that are able to reflect you more faithfully, and even help you see more of your own greatness and beauty. These are the souls blessed with inner stillness. In the clear waters of their ocean of consciousness, you can come to recognize yourself with clearer perception. However, there are those who have not tended to their own ocean and are unable to be still enough to genuinely receive and reflect your light back to you. There is no judgement here. Each takes the path of self-healing that is available and appropriate at any given time. However, to attempt to see the magnificence of a sun in a very partial moon doesn’t make too much sense.

If you are blessed with those in your life who can show you the beauty within you, wonderful. Even so this oracle comes to you with a task you are now ready for. You are to begin to develop the art of direct perception. This is the ability to recognize yourself not only in the eyes of others, but from how you feel about yourself, how you experience yourself and how you observe yourself (with compassion and kindness) from within. This is a step towards a radical empowerment that does not require perfection in order for you to recognize you are loveable and have much to offer. It is empowerment based on the acceptance of all that you are, working with your strengths, tending to your weaknesses and being loving, encouraging and nurturing all that you perceive.

As you continue on this journey, you will not only see your human self, but the eternal within you. This is a breath-taking experience that opens you up to the creative energy that flows abundantly through all of life. It is an experience that takes great preparation, because we must be strong within our own self-love and acceptance to be able to hold acceptance for all of life! This oracle is nudging you into that preparation, for when you have the experience of truly beholding yourself, all judgement, fear and doubt will fall away and you will just know yourself to be sacred. Then you will be asked to embrace the deeper journey of sacred rebellion against judgement and fear, and into passionate creativity and unconditional trust in life.

This oracle comes with a special message for you. If you are getting confused about who you are and your motives or actions based on what others are saying or how they are responding to you, step back. In your quest to be a responsible person, you may be unintentionally taking on the feelings of others, making their reflections of you more than they are in truth. More often than not reflections are more about the state of the reflector than what is being reflected. Let those external perceptions go. Can you just acknowledge yourself? Do so and be free!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

RELAXE THE HOLD OF DARKNESS AND BE AT CAUSE: Dear sacred rebel, this moment in your life requires great courage. Fortunately, you possess that in bucket loads. You are being asked to allow yourself to be lifted out of one level of known reality and into the next level of higher voltage reality. Higher voltage reality requires a more absolute trust and a heart that is surrendered into the greater heart of the universe, so that life can happen to us, through us and with us, more quickly, more radically, more beautifully and more boldly. You are now being invited into this new reality where things happen quickly and accordingly to bold, loving optimism. This is a reality not only of potential, but of manifestation of the great, big, cosmic YES!

To access this reality, you have to leap from known waters and others may think you are crazy for doing so. You have to leave behind the dark weighty grip of hesitation, procrastination, second guessing and the belief you have to do everything on your own. You may fear for your life! How will you be safe in the wild, electrical pulse of so much aliveness? How will you function without the hazy, sleep-inducing paralysis of playing it safe, taking too long and placing lesser priorities above your sacred art of life? How will you hold yourself back if you don’t hold on to fear? You do not need to worry about such things. Life is wild, but it is also wise. It is a force of startling raw awakening at times, but it is also the natural process of evolution where all things mature according to a seasonal cycle, in right timing. You are a part of, not apart from, that process.

The invitation to shift gears and jump on board the express train of life will feel exhilarating and perhaps also challenging. When you are in the hold of darkness, you will feel pushed to turn away, to imagine it is all too much, and to create excuses about how your desires aren’t grounded enough, that you are being to flighty or flaky or that you are not living ‘in the real world’. That is fear talking, not truth. If the sacred rebel is not awakened, we will continue to live in a culture drenched in fear and distrust of nature. Those without awakened hearts don’t yet understand what nature knows – she knows timing, she knows life and death, she knows the creative process, she just knows – and can be trusted to support us, her own creations, in becoming all that we can become.

Does this mean that we become passive and just flow along, like a limp leaf detached from the tree and blown about randomly by the breeze? No! Being free of the dark hold empowers us to take up our cause. This means being free to act and affirm the intuitive feelings we have by following up on them. This is painting like someone who has lost their mind, completely free and from the heart. It means writing even though you have no conscious idea of what you are writing, even as the words are streaming forth upon the page before your rather curious eyes. And it means speaking about your work – never hiding it away. Allow it to breathe the fresh air and be held in the gaze of another. Detach from the darkness that would say it is not enough or must be the best thing ever – whatever that means – in order to be worthy of a place in the world. Instead, just let it be what it is! It might fly, it might endure, and it might not. All of nature, including you, and your passions and dreams, will be what is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed, according to wisdom. We just have to trust in this, within ourselves and within nature herself through the flow of life. And participate!

You are asked to go within and imagine diving deep off the edge of what you have known. There is so much more calling to you now. It’s your time. Leap.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DIVING FOR LIGHT: How brave you are! You are diving for light. It can be so much simpler to seek light in the heavenly, in that which is blissful, sweet, loving and kind. To look for the light in that which is dark is an advanced task that only a rebellious and brave heart will attempt.

You may not feel that you taken such a journey by choice. Yet you have taken this wise challenge on from deep within your soul. Your innermost being has evoked this situation in your life with the intention that you grow in power, wisdom and creative juice. It also wants you to experience a bold and fearless trust in life and become further empowered to live it with zest and courage.

The oracle of Diving for Light speaks of a time when you are called into darkness through life circumstances, situations, relationship challenges or inner struggles that defy clear understanding. That darkness might be a creative block, a sense of being in a void or feelings of depression, rage, sadness, fear or anxiety. There may or may not be an obvious cause. The darkness might be generally accepted and socially acknowledged because there is a socially acceptable or obvious reason such as a death, divorce or retrenchment. However, there may be no obvious justification for your experience of darkness. You might not need a ‘reason’ to be able to accept it, likewise you may struggle to find an unconditional acceptance of your experience. Just know that you are actually on track and right where you need to be.

Our creative process and our spiritual path go through a similar ‘turning of the wheel’. There is spring and summer, in the seasons of our soul, as well as in the earthly ones. There is the autumn harvest and there is the death inherent in winter, when energy is concentrated and pulled within to seek out the darkness where it can rest, regenerate and simply be, until the time is right for new life, energy and creative inspiration to burst forth.

When diving for light, one must be willing to bear the darkness and understand it has a purpose, much like winter does upon the earth. It is not in error or through lack of consciousness that you are here now. It is testament to your spiritual growth and creative process, not a sign that they are lacking or stalling.

This oracle brings particular guidance that although you are powerful, you are also vulnerable at this time. You need to be alert to sabotage and criticism that may make your progress more difficult than it already is. That would be rather unnecessary. At least some of the people around you might be more attached to their fear and doubt than to their faith in your process and the ways of the creative, rebellious, spiritual path that asks us to trust unconditionally. They may be frightened due to a lack of understanding. You don’t need to carry their fear for them. You have your own process to attend to and they can choose to be inspired by your journey or frightened by it. They are free to respond as they wish and whatever those responses are, they are part of their journey, for them to work through.

You also need to be vigilant against the darker forces within you. These are the voices that you may not expect, particularly if you are a pure-hearted being who typically resonates with love. These voices or feelings might surprise you with their dark intensity. They may be feelings of hate, terror or of wanting only to sleep because anything further is all just too hard. They may contain vicious criticism of yourself or tell you that your inner creative work is pointless, unoriginal, not worth it or stupid. These dark forces might try to tell you that you are on the wrong path, suggest that you will fail, or ask with great condescension, “Who the hell do you think you are!”

You must stay in your heart and not believe these dark forces. Stay in compassion. Fear creates the energy of anger, hate and destructiveness. These forces are a part of life. We don’t have to be frightened of them, nor do we need to deny their existence or try to ignore them in order to find light in the darkness. We just need to hold compassion and be intelligently aware so we can avoid being seduced into the trap of needing to prove ourselves or into the mistaken belief that we need to fight against the darkness. It is too easy to get caught up in trying to heal the dark. Darkness just is. Recognize it when it is there and be in your compassionate heart. All you need to do is make a choice – will you stay in your heart or will you be seduced by darkness and overcome by hate or sleepiness?

Diving for light is a spiritual test and a threshold for all true creative work. We successfully navigate our way through this test and pass the threshold into new creative birth, by staying connected to the light of compassion in our own hearts. It is not an easy test, but it is one that you must be ready for – otherwise it wouldn’t be coming to you now. Just remember, it is the light of the heart that sustains. It exists within us always, even in the darkest depths of unknown terrain.

This oracle comes with a special message. There is a darkness within or around you that could become problematic if left unchecked. If, for no particular reason, you find yourself becoming angry, irritated, hopeless or tired more easily than usual, unable to rest or it is just too much effort to exercise or take care of yourself, then this darkness is having an unnecessary effect on you. It is time to end that now from a place of compassion. Don’t be afraid. You are learning this lesson because you are ready for it. Feel honored by the lesson and stay humbly centered in your powerful, rebellious heart that refuses to be conquered by fear and remains faithful to love. All will be well.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Breathing in Nature

Photo by Chris F on

After a blistering hot day, I am sitting outside in the cool evening air as a gentle breeze brings a healing balm to my over-heated body, mind and spirit. Inside the house, the temperature has come down just a bit from 86 degrees. Who in their right mind cooks a potato in a 375-degree oven after a 91-degree day? (My roommate.)

I search for the red-tail hawk nest in a nearby eucalyptus tree. I locate it and the hawk is there again this evening. I examined it through my binoculars last evening. A magnificent raptor, the offspring of occupancy in the eucalyptus trees for more than thirty years. The red tails were here before I moved in. May they live forever in the tall, wind-shaped and bent trees.

I worry about them. Their hunting grounds are being covered in asphalt, condos and houses. They must fly farther away to find food. The world, my world, is a better place because of these birds. I was afraid the new housing tract being built would require the eucalyptus trees to be cut down, but they still stand. On occasion, the hawks fly right over my backyard, blessing me as they glide quite low, allowing me a good look at their plumage of browns, tans and beige.

There are two in the nest right now. I get out the binoculars for a closer view of them. I am enchanted as they move around, stretching their wings and walking along the branches. I wonder if there are eggs or young ones in the nest. I have had the gift of watching many babies grow into adulthood and fly off to have lives of their own and continue the species.

Nature is my escape from society, from civilization and the sounds and speed of life even while living in a relatively small town. In the evening, when most people are inside occupied with family, dinner or whatever else they do, I enjoy the softness of the coming night. I breathe in the clean-smelling air and listen to the quietness after a hot, noisy day. The red tails remind me that there are always small gifts from Mother Nature. All we need to do is slow down and watch for them. They are there if we have eyes to see and take the time to just sit outside in the evening.

May you be blessed by the natural world, wherever you live.

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Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 6/11/2022

THE CREATION OF LIGHT: To be a lightworker is to be the person whom the lightness of being, an elevated, tender, kind, and loving perspective, can come through to the world, in part because of us. All work and energy that carries a significant measure of grace is calming, gentling, and soothing to so much of the world’s suffering and harshness. And within the realms of the Kitsune are beings who tend the flowers that offer us light – for not only does this lotus open to offer perfume, and beauty, and fertility, but its very presence offers light, a ray of light that can change the energy field with which it interacts.

So, when this card comes to you, you are currently being offered the grace of pure light, the ray of unconditional self-love, the vibration of compassion for the self and of self-awareness without harsh self-judgements. You are available for your own soul, and you are tending the garden of the inner self, and within that garden is the lotus of peace and of the sacred is blooming, and as its petals open, you are showered with inner light. Enjoy the surrender to the beauty of your own self-love, and know that you are in turn bringing this light to others, as it radiates out into the world from the deep and holy garden which flowers within. You will now care for yourself, you will create beauty, and you will bring grace to the world around you.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

LEAVE BEHIND WHAT IS NO LONGER YOU: Sometimes, when we feel we are being what is called by humans “true to ourselves”, we are in fact not being true to ourselves at all. At times, we develop habits of self, and who we are becomes an old story we tell ourselves and others, over and over again, until it seems natural and inevitable. This, after all, is who we are, we believe. But the truth now is here for you, and some of who you have told yourself you are is about to get a shake-up, and you will find yourself walking through the gateway into a new version of who you are, and leaving behind who you once thought you were. This will be a raw time when we feel vulnerable and exquisitely sensitive, yet it is good work that we do when we no longer follow a pattern, but seek instead to become who we are next meant to be. But in order for this to take place, something must be left behind before you walk through this gateway.

Choose what feels less true than it ever has before and choose what still feels like a pattern you have attachments to. For once you walk through the gateway adorned with all the attachments and entwinings that ivy can bring, we will cease to make our former self and other responsibilities our major commitment. Instead, your own undoing and re-becoming will surface and demand its place in this next stage of your life. This is a gate of freedom you walk under. First, though, put down the burden of attachment to who you believe you are – or, more truthfully, who you believe you ought to be. Rebirth yourself, dear friend, and allow the gateway of the realm of the Kitsune to work its magic upon your endless reimagining of who you are.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

THE GIFT OF CONNECTION: When we gather together, our vulnerabilities can be raw and feel exposed. Yet, when we gather under the influence of this card, we know we are safe, and something beautiful will come of our soul’s connections. When this card comes to you, Seeker, you know the Kitsune have blessed you with the ability to create harmony and connections between those who seem too different, too diverse to truly know each other. This card shows you the way to create a connection, to bring about harmony in a situation where several people who seem unable to get along are thrust together by fate and destiny. Through the wisdom and kindness that resides within you, and the fearless way in which you are truthful, you are able to weave people into groups that have a higher purpose and that can together create something greater than they could have achieved as individuals.

When this card comes, the most powerful quality that you possess at this time is that of universality, of being able to see through what we seem to be and understand who we are, on a soul level. This brings about a sense of safety, respect and affection between people, and in time, this will grow and blossom. This is a time of peacefulness, growth, affection, and harmonious relationships – ones that are truthfully so! These are not forced, nor are emotions or reactions suppressed or denied – these are genuinely affectionate bonds. The group energy created means each person can explore who they are without fear of condemnation or misunderstanding. This is often the card that appears with counsellors, therapists, truly gifted teachers, and those who bring people into circle with each other.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Beyond Lemuria Oracle 6/10/2022

RADICAL EXPANSION: Living and loving at full capacity, being unapologetically you, self-expression, boldness, having a voice, taking up space, expansion, empowerment, owning your true power, being visible in the world, having fun with your magnificence, letting go of judgement, creative exploration, radical ways of being.

What would it be like to live, love and feel at full capacity? Can you imagine what it would be like? This card is about being truly and unapologetically you. The gifts you think are to bold for this world and those heartfelt experiences you believe you should hold back on, might just light someone up! The physical self-expression that you dull down so you fit in and those dreams that seem too vast could be precisely what the world is waiting for.

Do you feel you have the right to take up space? Our auras can expand manifold, but we often choose to keep them tight to our bodies – maybe for safety? But what is this construct in which we have imprisoned ourselves? Where does this subtle (or not so subtle) shame come from? Why not dance our most beautiful dance, dress in a way that makes us feel magnificent and sing, so our voices are heard?

Considering the paradigm of our judgement in others can help us expand into authentic expression. We may not be aware of the thoughts that were imprinted in us from a young age, through our parents, teachers, society and the media. Separation and limitation begin with your belief around what is acceptable and what is not. connection and possibility come through owning your power and embracing your responsibility to be more visible in the world – to not shy away from life!

It is time for radical ways of being and thinking, and you can start by granting yourself the freedom and creativity to be you. Having a voice is essential for power to shift back to individuals and communities outside of prescribed normality. It is time to unleash your inner rainbow dragon and unapologetically claim your heart-based empowerment and radiantly unconventional gifts – and to have fun with it.

It is time for expansion. You can be as big as your energy wants to be. Stop and consider anything that is holding you back. This card is the permission slip that allows you to let go of limiting stories and take up all the space you need. Have fun unleashing who you are. As bold and radical as some of your ideas or offerings might be, who is to say they are not what the world is waiting for, what the world wants! Take note of any judgement of authentic expression, towards yourself or others. Be mindful that creatively exploring unrefined expression may be what is needed right now. Remember to center yourself in your heart and be the masterpiece your soul always wanted you to be.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

FULL SPECTRUM: Creating heaven on earth by honoring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to ancestors, shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whispering of the land, honoring the full spectrum of life.

What does heaven on earth look like to you? Do you imagine lush green pastures, ancient forests, pristine beaches, crystalline water systems and all the planet’s residents in full health, living in harmony with each other? And yet, nature in its purest rawest form is a balance of life and death, growth and decomposition, the eaters and the eaten – in one way or another, this is the natural flux of life.

We already live in Eden, but our efforts to own and segregate bring us further away from this paradigm. Power trips, the need for imagined security, fear or avoidance of the shadow, keeps us out of freedom. The need to preserve and hold on tightly, only stunts our growth and leaves us drowning in a sea of plastic. The real disease on Earth, the barrier to Eden, is in our minds. Life happens, but it is our judgements that prevent us from seeing the grander truth. When duality becomes one, we will find Shamballa before us. Perhaps we can find inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom.

Does the tiny frog spend its day anxious over its vulnerable future? What happens when we realize fertile compost greets us when we allow ourselves to transmute our pain? When we honor all that came before, our roots are nourished, and we grow with more vitality, vibrancy and life force. We can anchor more light for the collective, and in turn, seed new growth.

What happens when we realize the keys to our future are in the wisdom of the earth and the dreamings of the indigenous? That the answers are in the geometry of the macro and microcosm, the nurturing embrace of oneness, in Mama Nature’s arms? What happens when we find peace within the full spectrum of life?

Even the notion of separation, this disease, can be symbolized as no more than a blackened leaf on a healthy tree. The ebb and flow of our evolution and devolution is a temporary blip in the universe. The message is to be what we can, to ground heaven on earth, but not out of fear. We often try to avoid or run from ‘negative’ situations, but when fear steers our decisions and actions, far more devastation can result. When we choose to let our hearts lead us away from stories and outdated patterns, our challenges become the fertile compost that feeds our ascending tendrils as they reach to the heavens and ground us back on Earth.

Step out of the black-and-white mentality of judgement. Go beyond the concepts of good and bad. This card invites you to honor the full spectrum of life and find a new way of perceiving your situation. When we judge something, we create a story around it. These stories often create limitation. Subcon-sciously, we gather so many of these stories over a lifetime. To heal our disease and crystalize the new way, we need to create a space of no story where miraculous healing can happen. This space empowers us to be all we are and allows us to know our truth.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

EVOLUTION: Growth, overcoming challenges, gracefully riding out the waves of life, expanding out of a problem, flourishing in the face of change, thriving in new environments, being unperturbed.

What does personal evolution mean to you? Is it about growth, expansion, adaptation, success, or becoming a better version of yourself? Perhaps it speaks to an ability to move through difficulties? However good we are at surfing the waves of life, we all face surging tides of challenging ups and down at times. When we try to hide from our trials, they get even bigger or more overwhelming. We can dive into them or surf them for growth and transformation. We might also flow with the current of least resistance, allowing the waves to wash over us and inspire a deeper sense of compassion and strength. How we meet our challenges contributes to our growth and evolution.

We rarely know how many ‘fails’ went into someone’s success. Do your best, be aware that ‘success’ is rarely instant. It may take years of persistence. The idea that a project, quest or realization should come together quickly and perfectly can freeze creativity. Life is about the process. Success is about perseverance.

This is not to say we should keep pushing uphill if we are not feeling it. Obligation does not have the passion and determination to press through challenges. The notion that love will find a way is relevant as challenges are more likely to be surmounted when you have the spark of passion and enjoyment in your heart. So consider what drives your bigger-picture plans and what inspired you to take this path, to chase this dream. Success is linked to doing what you love. It takes time to get good at something. When you love what you are doing, your keep going, through the failures and disappointments, until you meet success.

There are challenges we have no power or control over. In those circumstances, our evolution is more of an internal process. How can we strive to see the silver lining? Find the gratitude, the learnings, and do what you feel you need to do to be real and honest with your feelings. Evolution or life-mastery is attempting every wave with courage, grace and poise. it is about meeting the challenges, learning to glide across the emotionally charged waters of life and bringing joy, humor and light-heartedness along as you weave your light in the world.

Look for ways that you can flourish in the face of challenge. Tap into your original passion and remember why you chose the path that brought you to where you are now. Break the problem down to its elements and be creative in how you tackle them. Consider how you can make it more fun and inspiring. Alternately, be present and ask how you can learn, grow and become stronger through what is happening to you.

Focus on the aspects of your situation that make it all worth it. Draw on the inner resources that can pull you through. You have the qualities you need to shine, so don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. You may be pushed to greater and deeper learnings, and it might be an uncomfortable process, but the strength, growth and wisdom that come from journeying through the eye of the storm and embodying this knowledge is something no teacher can show you.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Dragon Oracle 6/9/2022

EMERALD DRAGON: Brings in healing and cosmic abundance. Good fortune is coming. Let your thoughts support your divine perfection. Align with your fifth dimensional blueprint.

Emerald dragons are wise healers who prepare us to align with our true fifth-dimensional blueprint. They work with the mighty Archangel Raphael, the emerald angel in charge of the development of the third eye. They clear our emotional body to leave us free to love, forgive and open our hearts.

These magnificent dragons also retune our mental body so that our thoughts support our divine perfection. This allows Archangel Raphael to pour emerald light through our spiritual body, so that our physical body aligns with all we can be.

They also open us up to cosmic abundance. Working with Archangel Raphael, they link us, through our third eye, to Jupiter and its ascended aspect, Jumbay. This is the planet of good fortune and beneficial rewards. The blessings that fall upon us may be financial, but not necessarily, and they are always fortuitous for our ascension pathway.

Guidance: This card invites you to fill your aura with emerald light so that the emerald dragons can enter your energy fields easily and consume all that no longer serves you.

Breath gently in and out of your third eye so that the emerald dragons can touch and open it. They will start to pull back the veils of illusion. This card indicates that you are ready to receive healing, love and a cornucopia of wonderful things, so relax at a deep core level and invite these magnificent dragons to bring good fortune into your life. Remember to be grateful for all the good that comes your way.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DEEP BLUE DRAGON: Keeps you safe by clearing your pathway. Trust that you are protected. Walk on a path of light.

Deep blue dragons work with Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and protection. Dragons can delve into deep dense matter in a way that angels cannot. They can clear and transmute lower frequencies up to one kilometer around those they work with. These frequencies may be our emotions and thoughts or the emotions and thought of people in our vicinity.

Many of us are very sensitive and do not realize how much the vibrations of others impact on us. Every time we walk in a crowd, we are in a sea of mixed energies, and these deep blue dragons are master clearance experts. They blow away the foggy vibrations and then Archangel Michael can more easily connect with us and place his deep blue cloak around us.

Guidance: This card is suggesting that you call on the deep blue dragons to protect you or your loved ones. Visualize a protecting army of deep blue dragons gliding in front of you wherever you walk or drive. Let them precede you into your home or office. Ask them to dive into the ground below your house to consume all lower energies. Ask them to keep an area of a kilometer around you totally clear. Relax and trust that this is happening.

Because the deep blue dragons are transmuting the lower emotions of those in your vicinity, you are no longer moving through the dense energies of other people. Notice how much lighter and happier you feel.

You can serve the planet by asking deep blue dragons to dive under your shopping mall, schools, big buildings or anywhere you feel they are needed to consume dense vibrations.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

BLACK DRAGON: Cocoons you so that your divine potential grows. Meditate. Reflect. Undergo a metamorphosis.

Fifth-dimensional black dragons are powerful. They only come to us when we are ready to nurture a new idea or concept that will enable our divine potential to grow.

Black is the ultimate divine feminine color, the shade of mystery and magic, of secrets and hidden hopes. When we prepare to surrender to the black dragons, they will cocoon us in silky black energy, and as we rest within this safe, dark place, they will enable the new to develop within us. Eventually, we will emerge, like a butterfly, having undergone a profound metamorphosis.

Guidance: This card suggests that it is time to rest, for it is during such moments of relaxation that divine projects, creative ideas or a new way of thinking are conceived. In times of peace and stillness, fresh seeds and ideas can grow.

The mighty black dragons wish to create a dark cocoon for you now so that the new can germinate and sprout. You are asked to accept their assistance, for it will serve your spiritual growth. Take time to meditate or reflect and the dragons will surround you with their breath. This will allow the opportunity that is being presented to you to take root.

When you are ready, the black dragons will help you to nurture the new growth. Ask them to help you hold your vision until it comes to glorious fruition. They will also be working with you in your sleep state and you may be aware of their presence, so acknowledge their help. Expect to be different and be ready to spread your wings.

****** ***** ***** ***** *****

Mother Mary Oracle 6/8/2022

OUR LADY OF SACRED SISTERHOOD: I manifest in spirit and in flesh. I am the love that falls from the stars, and the light of the sun that gives life. I am the warmth in the hug from your dearest friend. I am the scent of the rose, and the roar of the lioness. I am the tender care in the touch of your loved ones. I come to you now in physical form. I bring you the gifts of loving and being loved, of speaking and being heard.

Even with our human quirks and idiosyncrasies, we are divine beings. Even with our darkness and struggle, we are still divine beings of light. Although it is sometimes easier to imagine the Divine as being of the light, and somehow above or beyond this material world – with its paradoxes of joy and pain – we miss out on so much if we think that way.

The oracle of Our Lady of Sacred Sisterhood has come to you with a special gift. It is the gift of experiencing the divine blessings and miracles of the Holy Mother in your physical life. You were born to live heaven on earth. This doesn’t mean stepping away from the world, with its challenges. It means applying the light of your heart to those challenges in order to see the way through them; transforming something that was perhaps once fearful but is now drenched in love.

This oracle comes with particular guidance. There is someone in your life, or who is coming into your life, who will be helping you connect with the divine feminine. They will be helping you heal your relationship to your body, your emotions and other facets of your life, such as your financial life and issues around sexuality, eating and food.

Quite possibly this will be a woman, but it could also be a male with a strong connection to the divine feminine within (and this means he will be in touch with his values, feelings, creativity and compassionate wisdom). It might be a friendship, a love relationship or a formal healing relationship, such as with a therapist. It might be a colleague, neighbor or even a client, or random person, you meet who helps you see things in a different way. This might happen in a way that is not obvious – more a sense of change that happens within: a softening, a tender opening up of your heart more deeply than before, a trust and a willingness to let love in, even if the means running the risk of being vulnerable and experiencing hurt or loss.

You are encouraged to accept this relationship, with discernment of course, for however long feels constructive and helpful for your growth, even if the relationship challenges you in some ways for a time. You will know when to let it go. The oracle of Sacred Sisterhood asks you to open up and let the world in so that your healing can continue. You must bring your light into the world, and through relationship is how this can best happen now. Pray for help and trust that the Holy Mother is bringing you healing through sacred relationship now.

This oracle also brings special guidance if you have been praying for healing in a relationship that has caused you distress in any way. Our Lady comes to you with reassurance that she has heard, and answered, your prayer for healing. She asks you to be brave and to not pull away from the relationship in question, but to be completely present and open to it. In doing so, under her grace and protection through the healing process of this oracle, you will be able to honestly and clearly sense whether or not this relationship is one that will move you into your future, rather than being only a part of your past. Trust her and trust your own heart wisdom. Relationship healing is happening, and even if letting go is your inner truth, this oracle comes at a time when new healing relationships are indicated for you. There is much love in the world for you, and Our Lady helps you open to it and receive it now, and in your near future.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

OUR LADY OF THE DARK MYSTERIES: I have many names and faces, but behind those names and faces, I am your loving mother always. I come to you in light and darkness, through joy and even, my beloved, through loss and tragedy. I am always your loving mother. I am seeking you, reaching for you, calling you to me. If you can know this, then great peace and spiritual power will be yours, and you can assist me in enlightening this world from fear and distrust, into a place of compassion and divine radiance unveiled. Remember me always. I am your loving mother always.

It can be easier to sense the presence of the Divine Mother when she appears through her light face – in compassion, gentleness and charity. It can be more challenging to accept and honor her presence through her dark face. Her dark face may be manifesting through death or loss, through tragedy, trauma or crisis, through confusion, or even through meeting our own inner demons of great fear, attachment or hate. Her dark face is no less loving than her face of light, no less radiant, though one may have to look through the eye of the heart to see the vivid light that may seem veiled through circumstances.

If we are encountering the dark face of Mother Mary, sometimes known as the Black Madonna, we are being initiated into a very powerful and precious spiritual consciousness and we will be granted the ability to find love, healing and peace, even from the darkest of human experiences. It is the power of unconditional light that is granted by the Black Madonna, as paradoxical as that may seem. It is tremendous spiritual power that is not held back by an ego desire to only experience the pleasurable side of life, denying the value, or necessity also, of its pain.

If you are called to this path, at this particular time in your life, it is because it will serve you most. The Mother loves her children unconditionally and without exception. She will call you through pain when pleasure would not suffice. She calls through suffering when it will break open your heart into greater capacity for bliss and rapture. She acknowledges all that you give, all that you bear, in her name of love. All that you give will be returned to you, multiplied as grace and miracles. Do not turn away. The pain that you have been bearing is known by the Holy Mother, and she comes to you in this oracle to tell you that, not only are you acknowledged, but there is transformative healing that is happening through your pain. She is in it with you, whilst also being on the other side of this darkness with a bright light, calling you to greater divine bliss than you imagined you could ever feel.

We need Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries so desperately, and she knows it. That is why she will not let us go and call us to her, in increasing crisis and struggle, until we pay attention. For those of us who have hearts strong enough to bear honest experiences of painful, but liberating, emotions – such as sadness and grief, anger and rage (including divine outrage) – and allow these feelings to stretch our hearts, her spiritual power comes to us. Her healing balm can pour through us into the world.

She will hold the container for you to feel, and release, emotions – even though they can be so painful that you may feel as though they are going to tear you into pieces as you feel them. This is the pain of the world that you are helping to release. She has been burned and burns, you see. She suffers just as we do. She is not separate from us. She is us. She is every animal that suffers cruelty, every human that suffers abuse, every tree that is destroyed, every ocean animal that dies through pollution, every heart that breaks when witnessing ignorance and carelessness. You are, perhaps, never closer to her, or more in her fierce, merciful, raw and miraculous grace, than in that moment when you are howling in agony with her.

This takes great courage, but Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries bestows that courage in the hearts of all her beloved children. She comes to us when we need to release our suffering. She comes to reassure us that we will move through this time of struggle, and she is with us always. She teaches us that our suffering is not to be held up as a badge of honor, or that we are martyrs to her cause – she has too much grace of protection for that to be. She teaches us, instead, that our ability to be present to our suffering, allowing it to flow through us in waves, is what empowers us to be moved by life, and completely open to her. She then shares her great gift that through our ability to be fearlessly open to life, we are not only asked to bear suffering, but are blessed with a capacity for divine rapture. We can then taste the ecstatic intensity of life.

Our Lady of the Dark Mysteries comes to you with guidance to be honest with your suffering and know that you are not alone in it, and through this, she invites you to open to her ecstatic bliss, to the divine presence in the everyday. This oracle confirms her presence is reaching out to you through any challenges that you are experiencing, or have experienced, but need to make peace with (instead of holding guilt or shame about those challenges). Now is your time, pray to her to help you trust in her wisdom and receive her blessings with a courageous heart, and your life will be transformed through her grace. There is nothing that she cannot do for you who are devoted to her.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

OUR LADY OF DIVINE DIRECTION: I am guiding you, my child, and I ask you to trust me. Recently you had, or soon you will have, a sudden change in direction in a matter that perhaps surprises you. Do not resist this. Allow my hand to guide the course of your life direction. I have foreseen a pitfall that you can easily avoid, whilst still reaching your destination. Pray to me and trust, and together we shall journey on towards the goal.

There are times when the quickest way to a destination is not the most obvious or direct route. When you have the wise eyes of the Mother watching over your journey, she will nudge you to take an alternative route if there is a big hole in the middle of the road up ahead – even though you can’t see it as yet. Perhaps you have had an experience of driving home when you felt that your usual route wasn’t such a good idea. You either trusted your gut and went a different way, only to find out later there was a big accident and backed up traffic on your traditional route. Or you ignored your intuition, only to end up at that big accident, and stuck in the backed up traffic!

This mundane example can apply in larger circumstances. Perhaps you are trying for entry into a particular course, or applying for particular jobs, only to find that again and again you are knocked back. Now, yes, if this is truly in your heart, then you must continue. Perhaps the knock backs are helping you build trust and self-belief, which you will need to be able to do the job that you are seeking, without losing your inner connection and spirituality. This might be so, especially if the company you are eventually going to work for has some dark or negative tendencies in its corporate culture. Perhaps as part of your undercover spiritual work in taking on an administrative role there, for example, is to help balance the spiritual light in the organization. You would need a strong inner light to be able to do that, and not become depressed and disconnected in that toxic culture. Circumstances in your life might be building your inner light so that you are ready for your future work. This happens more often that we might expect.

However, if something is not truly in your heart, but is more in your mind, out of habit or not seeing any other way, then you may well find closed doors. If you were to glimpse behind those doors, you would notice Mother Mary on the other side, shutting them firmly in your face, after whispering to you to go down the hall and try a different door!

Our Lady of Divine Direction arises when you are pursuing a path and there is going to be a nudge in a different direction. This is either coming soon or has just happened. This oracle says to trust in that, and the reason for it will become apparent later on. It might be to build yourself spiritually, or it could simply be a timing issue. It might, however, indicate that a slightly (or very) different path is actually going to help you get to where you need to go. It could be that a change in direction is timely now and will probably be quite obvious in nature.

You might need a lot of trust, because your change in direction may not materialize straight away. If you have ever seen a large boat change course (and you are a large soul, beloved, hence the analogy) then you will know that it seems to slow almost to a standstill as it manoeuvres into its new direction. Once it is one course again, eventually it picks up power and it’s full steam ahead. It will be the same for you. No matter what the details of your particular situation may be, there is a need for trust. This helps the flow of healing change so it is much easier for us to sense what we need to do, or perhaps even not to do, to allow the new way to manifest itself.

If you have been praying for a change but it has yet to show itself, this oracle comes with this message for you: the Holy Mother has heard your prayer and is responding. Circumstances are being set up in your life so that you can receive the new direction in the best possible way. Sometimes that will happen unexpectedly. Sometimes we need great patience whilst we wait. Sometimes we will need great courage to act.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****