Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 4/25/2022

PSYCHE: Third Eye Knowledge and Intuition: Greek goddess of the soul and the third eye, Psyche was the wife of Eros (whose Roman counterpart is Cupid). She used her third eye knowledge to attain her goal of being able to reunite with her lover. Psyche did not start out as a goddess, she was human,Continue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 4/25/2022”

Sacred Traveler Oracle 12/14/2021

VALIANT COURAGE: “Take action with passion.”: This is isn’t the time to be timid or hold back. Gather your inner resources and go forward gallantly with your banner of truth waving in the wind. Throw your shoulders back and move forward fearlessly. Take risks. It’s okay to feel afraid, just don’t let it stop you.Continue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle 12/14/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 11/15/2021

(This new deck is one that I created with the help of Spirit. Originally, it was a game meant to increase awareness and alignment with one’s higher self. It evolved into this deck, which I am so pleased to share with you. For anyone interested, this deck will be available for purchase in the nextContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 11/15/2021”

Message From Spirit, 9/18/2021

The healing and opening of the heart are paramount for the spiritual journey. When the heart is open, wisdom and information become available to the seeker on the path of enlightenment. Your connection with the original creator of your soul opens and you are able to grasp the truth of who you are, a divineContinue reading “Message From Spirit, 9/18/2021”