Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 5/17/2022

DELIGHT: You are now, the Kitsune are happy to share with you, in the midst of a moment of beauty – it is joyful, fun, uplifting, and you will feel so much happiness. For some people, this may seem trivial – that enjoyment and good times are not as serious as those moments when weContinue reading “Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 5/17/2022”

Native Spirit Oracle 3/15/2022

ANCIENT FOREST: Your roots go deep. Incredible, radiant, healing strength is available to you and grows within you. Do not doubt your abilities. You’re so much more than you can possibly imagine. There’s immense, unseen – but very real – support around you. You are loved and cherished. You are grounded, stable, and strong asContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle 3/15/2022”