Dragon Oracle 6/1/2022

SUNSHINE YELLOW DRAGON: Helps you to help animals. Serve animals. Heal, respect and understand them. We share our planet with a great variety of creatures, who are all on a soul journey, just as we are. Like us, animals come from a myriad of star systems and planets. They all incarnate on Earth to experience,Continue reading “Dragon Oracle 6/1/2022”

Pegasus Oracle 5/19/2022

RED PEGASUS OF FIRELIGHT: Spirit guardian Pegasus brings healing to the base chakra with a profoundly nourishing red light. The process may clear fearful belief systems or other issues related to survival, safety, belonging, abandonment, neglect and even physical suffering in this or other lifetimes. Issues concerning the lower body, especially the legs and feet,Continue reading “Pegasus Oracle 5/19/2022”

Lightworker Oracle 4/20/2022

GROUNDING: You long for the free and open worlds of Spirit and Light, yet you also yearn to experience the healing power and divine joy of sacred sound and living color. You are meant to bring joy, beauty and comfort to this world, to share the spiritual light. To do so, you need grounding. YourContinue reading “Lightworker Oracle 4/20/2022”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 2/23/2022

COCOON OF WHITE LIGHT: Rest in perfect love. Understand Oneness. At its highest 12th-dimensional frequency, Source love is pure white. It is carried by unicorns. When they connect with you, they bring it down to the vibrational level you are ready for, while reminding you that your essence is divine love. When this card choosesContinue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 2/23/2022”

Dragon Oracle 2/4/2022

OMEGA DRAGON: Harness the divine feminine power of creation. Intention. Hold your vision. Birth the higher consciousness. Ninth-dimensional omega dragons carry the divine feminine vibrations of Shekinah, the universal energy that created our world. Shekinah is the feminine counterpart of Archangel Metatron’s higher light and represents pure creative vision. These powerful being are assisting theContinue reading “Dragon Oracle 2/4/2022”

Earth Warriors Oracle 12/6/2021

PACHAMAMA: She with the Andean Emerald Heart Pachamama, the goddess of the earth honored by the indigenous peoples of the Andes, holds space for many different creatures to live within her field – including the crazy, beautiful, dangerous and divine humanity. She knows that life thrives through diversity. She is able to foster life withContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 12/6/2021”

The Divine Feminine Goddesses

Akhilanda I love this Divine Feminine Goddess! In spite of all she has been through in her existence, she understands that all the challenges and lessons she has undergone have been for her spiritual growth. And she chooses only to become more love. This Goddess know that it is her choice to keep rising fromContinue reading “The Divine Feminine Goddesses”