Pegasus Oracle 8/15/2022

PEGASUS OF ROSES: Beloved Pegasus brings a special blessing of the divine feminine for your heart. You have been empowered to make it through a time of challenge, especially in a matter of the heart. The thorns of the divine rose symbolize the ability to deflect unwanted interference, so your blossoming success is assured. HaveContinue reading “Pegasus Oracle 8/15/2022”

Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 8/8/2022

EMPOWERMENT: Within the Realm of the Kitsune are beautiful ponds, still and tranquil, yet within them teems magical life. Amongst the being who dwell there are the koi mermaids, who come to you now with their message of empowerment. You are becoming stronger, calmer, more staunch and clear in your purpose and message and thereContinue reading “Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 8/8/2022”

Magic of Unicorns Oracle 6/15/2022

COSMIC SAPPHIRE: Act with honor and integrity. Speak your truth. This card brings a message of personal empowerment and calls on you to decide what is right for you. Be true to yourself, no matter what. Archangel Michael and your unicorn will merge their energy in order to illuminate you. While physical sapphires are powerful,Continue reading “Magic of Unicorns Oracle 6/15/2022”

Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 6/14/2022

FOXFIRE: At this moment, there is confusion over which direction to take. There are decisions which need to be made, but at this stage, there is no sense that one way will be the “right” way. Amidst this inertia and inability to choose comes this Kitsune, wielding with it the luminous power of Foxfire. WithContinue reading “Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 6/14/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/13/2022

MARY MAGDALENE: Courage, Visionary Stay focused on things of true importance. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Your spiritual walk is a personal one. Have courage and do not shy away from your purpose. Step up and speak your truth powerfully with grace and wisdom. Trust your inner strength to lead youContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/13/2022”

Be Your Own Hero

I’ve been pondering the subject of “Be Your Own Hero”. Here in the Western world, and maybe your part of the world also, we were told fairy tales in which a ‘hero’ came along and rescued the fair maiden who was in dire straits, be it a dragon, evil stepmother, witch, sorcerer, greedy king orContinue reading “Be Your Own Hero”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/23/2021

ARTEMIS: Independence and Empowerment: Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. Like the moon, she is know for illuminating the darkness; she shines her light on our individual paths. Known for her courageous choice to remain a virgin and hold fast to her fierce independence, Artemis is one of the mostContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/23/2021”

Native Spirit Oracle, 7/25/2021

SPIRIT KEEPER OF THE SOUTH: Abundance and prosperity in all forms. Expansion. Surging energy. Activity. Movement. Rapid growth. Be open to receiving the bounty of the Universe. This is a great time for medical procedures; your energy will be at a maximum. Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: In the medicine wheel, the southContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle, 7/25/2021”

The Silencing of Women

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. The silencing of women has gone on for thousands of years. It is the theme of a talk I will be giving later on this year. My mission is to help women understand their fear of public speaking and how to overcome thatContinue reading “The Silencing of Women”

Native Spirit Oracle Reading, 7/8/2021

STORYTELLER: Live larger than life. Make the most of every experience. You can choose the meaning that you give events. Find interpretations that empower you, rather than diminish you. Be the storyteller and the hero of your own life. Give your personal story empowering meanings. Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know: Around the eveningContinue reading “Native Spirit Oracle Reading, 7/8/2021”