Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/13/2022

MARY MAGDALENE: Courage, Visionary Stay focused on things of true importance. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Your spiritual walk is a personal one. Have courage and do not shy away from your purpose. Step up and speak your truth powerfully with grace and wisdom. Trust your inner strength to lead youContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 6/13/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/13/2021

ISIS: Sacred Unions and Relationships: Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magick and life and is one of the most powerful goddesses of the ancient world. A caring goddess, she spent time amongst her people teaching the skills of reading and psychic abilities. Relationships are sacred to her, and she is revered as the greatContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/13/2021”

Keepers of the Light Oracle, 8/20/2021

ISIS: Magic Manifesting; Your dreams, visions and goals are becoming reality. Stay focused. Isis is a strong, smart and focused Egyptian winged goddess. According to legend, she was able to move from darkness to light and between the underworld, heaven and Earth. For that reason, whenever she comes to us she will help us moveContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle, 8/20/2021”