Crystal Angels Oracle 5/12/2022

TITANIUM RAINBOW QUARTZ: Multifaceted: There are many layers and dimensions to the situation or person you’re asking about. The person or situation that you’re asking about is multifaceted, like a gemstone. That means that there are many different sides to consider. There isn’t one plain truth here, but several, which could create contradictions, inconsistencies, andContinue reading “Crystal Angels Oracle 5/12/2022”

Earth Warriors Oracle 12/6/2021

PACHAMAMA: She with the Andean Emerald Heart Pachamama, the goddess of the earth honored by the indigenous peoples of the Andes, holds space for many different creatures to live within her field – including the crazy, beautiful, dangerous and divine humanity. She knows that life thrives through diversity. She is able to foster life withContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 12/6/2021”

Crystal Angels Oracle 10/9/2021

AQUAMARINE: Divine Life Purpose; Trust the signs and your inner guidance, which are leading you to fulfillment. This card appears in answer to questions about your next steps, your career or spiritual path, and your life purpose. Your purpose, like everyone else’s, is to love. The form that you choose to express love needs toContinue reading “Crystal Angels Oracle 10/9/2021”

Crystal Angel Oracle 9/24/2021

MOLDAVITE: Unconventionality; Your unique qualities are an important part of your life purpose. It’s okay to feel and be different from others. This card reassures you that your unique qualities are a part of your life purpose. It’s possible that you have been teased or felt excluded for being different. Perhaps you’ve tried to changeContinue reading “Crystal Angel Oracle 9/24/2021”


SMOKY QUARTZ: This card showed up today because there’s a need to clear away negative energy from within or around you. The could be negativity in your present life or some grievance from your past that you have been harboring and have had difficulty forgiving. Fortunately, you don’t need to consciously know which form ofContinue reading “ORACLE CARD READING, 5/23/2021”


(I’ve decided to repost this under it’s own title with the hope that it will receive additional readership. The information is timely and written with purpose so that you may understand and accept the truth of who you truly are, a Soul created by Source for the experience of living and learning through a humanContinue reading “DIVINE BY DESIGN”