Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 5/22/2022

YEMAYA: Surrender and Soothe: Goddess Yemaya is the mother of the Orixas, a group of deities originating in Africa. Her name means ‘the one who protects her children’. She is a comforting and inspirational goddess who soothes the suffering of all, especially women and children in crisis. She is also worshiped in parts of CubaContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 5/22/2022”

Earth Warriors Oracle 1/14/2022

PACHA KARMAQ: Nourishment of the Soul; You are granted the gifts of fertility, creativity and earthly abundance to support all needs – for nourishing body, mind and soul and to live your life fully and be capable of manifesting your divine purpose. Give yourself permission to be nourished. This includes your body and also providingContinue reading “Earth Warriors Oracle 1/14/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/17/2021

FOCUS ON THE LIGHT: A tremendous force of light is gathering around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows, so does the the light. As the light grows, so does your intention. Magic wants to happen for you now! The synchronicity, perfect timing,Continue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 9/17/2021”