Earth Warrior Oracle 5/10/2022

KUNTUR YACHAK: Blessings from the Sun of Hana Pacha: Condor swiftly brings the will of Great Spirit to earth, through the gift of powerful medicine. Despite great odds, even in the face of what may appear to be an inevitable defeat, extraordinary triumph is at hand. This is the prophecy of resurrection, of the risingContinue reading “Earth Warrior Oracle 5/10/2022”

Sacred Traveler Oracle 4/27/2022

VALLIANT COURAGE: “Take action with passion.” This isn’t the time to be timid or hold back. Gather your inner resources and go forward gallantly with your banner of truth waving in the wind. Throw your shoulders back and move forward fearlessly. Take risks. It’s okay to feel afraid, just don’t let it stop you. Don’tContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle 4/27/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 3/17/2022

MOTHER MARY: Unconditional Love and Faith When you need reassurance and faith, and your heart needs strengthening from all you have suffered, be held in the energy of perfect, unconditional motherly love. Believe in yourself and your dreams. When you feel as though you will never reach that goal, remember to have faith, even faithContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 3/17/2022”

Divine Feminine Oracle 3/8/2022

In honor of International Woman’s Day MARGUERITE PORETE: The Mystic of Divine Love: Love is divine, and I am nothing except love. Marguerite Porete is the essence of divine love and the truth that all we are is love. Marguerite was a French Beguine born in the mid-13the century. The Beguine movement was a spiritualContinue reading “Divine Feminine Oracle 3/8/2022”

One Woman Standing

One woman standing can change the world. One woman standing speaking her truth. One woman standing living her truth. One woman standing living in Unconditional Love. One woman standing trusting in the Divine. One woman standing heart wide open. One woman standing in complete trust. One woman standing in compassion for all. One woman standingContinue reading “One Woman Standing”

Message From Spirit, 9/18/2021

The healing and opening of the heart are paramount for the spiritual journey. When the heart is open, wisdom and information become available to the seeker on the path of enlightenment. Your connection with the original creator of your soul opens and you are able to grasp the truth of who you are, a divineContinue reading “Message From Spirit, 9/18/2021”

A Celtic Blessing, 9/12/2021

A BLESSING ON YOUR HEALTH: A blessing to inspire the blossoming of great good health within your life. May you, friend, be blessed with a rising of your own personal vitality . . . may life force flow into every cell of your body, inhabiting each fully with the desire for life and the yearningContinue reading “A Celtic Blessing, 9/12/2021”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle, 8/17/2021

EIRENE: Peace: Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace and the patroness of wealth and prosperity. She is often depicted with her infant son, Ploutos, the god of wealth. Eirene is one of Zeus’ daughters and one of the three Horae who presides over matters of peace, order, and justice, ensuring that only those withContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle, 8/17/2021”

Sacred Traveler Oracle, 7/31/2021

INFINITE ABUNDANCE: Abundance is pouring into your life. Everything is blossoming and bearing fruit right now! Open yourself to receive. The prosperity you seek is being activated. A stream of abundance is all areas of life is ready to flow into your life. The Creator desires that you prosper. Take action in the direction ofContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle, 7/31/2021”