Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/25/2022

EVERY JOURNEY STARTS WITH A SINGLE STEP: You are on a journey. Yes, it is an internal journey but there is also a physical expression of this journey that is going to become increasingly important to the fulfilment of your destiny in this lifetime. Your journey has started on the inside but its destination willContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/25/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/21/2022

FAITH IN THE PROCESS: No matter how powerful we are, how much courage and strength we have, there are times when we can’t quite move ourselves along to the next phase of life or creative exploration. At such time we need some divine intervention – a little help in pulling our trolley along, so toContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/21/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/12/2022

SEEING THE TRUE YOU: Sometimes we believe what others tell us we are, as though the self we see reflected back to us through their eyes is truth. Yet the accuracy of a reflection depends on the clarity of that which is doing the reflecting! If the receiver forms any opinion about what is perceived,Continue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/12/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/3/2022

SACRED FOOL: The fool is a great rebel, able to thwart convention and tell the truth without restraint. Your heart is a wonderful, powerful, sacred fool! It cares not for the right way to do things. It cares not for what the mind says is real or not real. It lives according to an innerContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 6/3/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/20/2022

CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS: There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships. There is an opening for heart-to-heart communications that can salvage and restore a broken relationship or friendship, if you are willing to honor your differences and look to what unites you. Sometimes it is hard to bear the differences between one another.Continue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/20/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/14/2022

RELEASE THE DARK WOUND, LET LOVE LIVE: If we detach something from its source too soon, trying to force it to become what it is not yet ready or willing to become, we can unintentionally sap it of its strength and kill it. There is a dark wound in the consciousness of humanity which demandsContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/14/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/1/2022

POWER OF ATTRACTION: There is such wonder awaiting you. There are so many beautiful adventures and so much magic yet to be. Can you keep your heart open to what is coming towards you, without surrendering your experience of this moment by becoming too future-oriented? You see, there is magic in this moment too. ThereContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 5/1/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/11/2022

RELEASING ALLEGIANCES: It is time to hold onto yourself and let go of another. Even if just for a time. You have gained all that was meant to be from that connection. At least for now. You have given and you have received. The need to let go does not deny the value of whatContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/11/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/1/2022

HEAVEN SENT: Just as we receive gifts in the physical world, through the thoughtfulness of others, to acknowledge how much we mean to them, so too we receive gifts on other levels – including the spiritual level. A spiritual gift is something that happens through grace. We can ask for help and it may beContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 4/1/2022”

Sacred Rebels Oracle 3/22/2022

INSPIRATION: An idea has captured your attention – or will do so very soon. It may be a grand vision or the vague sense of something that could be. You are being encouraged to accept the vision, the idea or the inspiration as it is impor-tant to your creative and spiritual growth. Also, it ISContinue reading “Sacred Rebels Oracle 3/22/2022”