Magdalene Oracle 7/28/2022

GUARDIAN ANGEL: To the rational mind it seems that can nothing exist without having a beginning and an end. In the physical world things are born and then they die, things start, then come to an end. On the surface, this is what we see and often believe. However, when we delve deep into theContinue reading “Magdalene Oracle 7/28/2022”

Mother Mary Oracle 6/8/2022

OUR LADY OF SACRED SISTERHOOD: I manifest in spirit and in flesh. I am the love that falls from the stars, and the light of the sun that gives life. I am the warmth in the hug from your dearest friend. I am the scent of the rose, and the roar of the lioness. IContinue reading “Mother Mary Oracle 6/8/2022”

Pegasus Oracle 4/23/2022

PEACEFUL PEGASUS OF EARTH: As guardian of the soul, Pegasus manifests the elemental healing powers of earth to bless, nourish, and restore you. These blessings ground the body within the soul, so you more consciously feel your intuition, thus clearing confusion and preventing the second guessing of your instincts. Earth blessings help the body andContinue reading “Pegasus Oracle 4/23/2022”

Mother Mary Oracle 10/1/2021

Our Lady of the Abundant Garden: I provide life without limit. You have no need to fear loss or lack. For every thing that dies, new life is created to supplant it. For every need that you have, there are ample channels through which that need can be fulfilled. I can provide all, with wisdom,Continue reading “Mother Mary Oracle 10/1/2021”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle, 8/5/2021

KATERI TEKAWITHA: Fearless Authenticity: Kateri Tekawitha was the daughter of a chief of the Mohawk Turtle Clan. She had a heart for the divine feminine as a Marian devotee after she was converted to Catholicism and dedicated her life to building a community of women supporting one another. She died young, at just twenty-four yearsContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle, 8/5/2021”


PEGASUS OF THE RAINBOW LIGHT: The genius of the soul is such that it understands how to grow wisdom out of suffering. This means our challenges are opportunities for our soul to heal. Through soul growth, we become wiser, more compassionate, clear, loving, kind and free within our hearts to feel connected, yet independent. WeContinue reading “PEGASUS ORACLE, 7/13/2021”

Pegasus Oracle Reading, 6/21/2021

MANDALA OF PEGASUS: Pegasus, beloved wisdom guide and healer of the soul, reminds you that you belong to a beautiful divine plan that is unfolding at all times. Even if your life sometimes seems devoid of spiritual blessings, there is always a deeper guiding purpose at play, always an opportunity to heal the past andContinue reading “Pegasus Oracle Reading, 6/21/2021”