The Oracle of Becoming 12/17/2021

Many times, we allow other people to influence us because we feel they are wiser and more intelligent than we are. Our logical mind takes over and agrees with what they say, and we make choices that aren’t always in our best interests. We end up following a path to what we think will bringContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/17/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 12/16/2021

There are times when you feel out of sorts, just plain grumpy without any knowledge of why you are feeling like this. Often it is your inner child that is acting up out of frustration or feeling ignored. It is possible to dialogue with your inner child through meditation. You can ask questions to discoverContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/16/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 12/15/2021

Finding a quiet moment in these hectic times, can be challenging, and when you do, take advantage of it by choosing to do nothing. Let your mind become quiet, your thoughts to flow like water downhill. There is no need to fill this space of time with anything. We all need these moments to fallContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/15/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 12/14/2021

As we grow into adulthood, we often leave behind the activities that we enjoyed as a child. Life takes over and we get busy with our jobs, families and friends, and doing the adult things that society expects of us. There is less time for pure, belly-laughing, enjoyment each day. Laughter and doing the funContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/14/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 12/13/2021

DIVINITY: The Divine lives within you, has always been there and will always be there. It is that which connects you to your creator and your creator with you. How you choose to live either amplifies that connection or limits it. This connection cannot be broken although lack of knowledge about it, over time, canContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/13/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 12/12/2021

Each day I will be posting a card from my newly created oracle deck. These cards were created to help with awareness on your journey. Today’s card is: When we are filled with high vibrational energy, we glow. Other people can see our inner light shining out from us yet we can’t see it ourself.Continue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 12/12/2021”

The Oracle of Becoming 11/15/2021

(This new deck is one that I created with the help of Spirit. Originally, it was a game meant to increase awareness and alignment with one’s higher self. It evolved into this deck, which I am so pleased to share with you. For anyone interested, this deck will be available for purchase in the nextContinue reading “The Oracle of Becoming 11/15/2021”