Isis Oracle 7/6/2022

FLOWER OF LIFE: Divine Creativity and Manifestation: You are entering a fertile period of your life. Focus on your innate creativity and how potent this is becoming, and watch it rapidly grow! You are guided to think of yourself as a creative being and to surrender your control over how things will manifest and insteadContinue reading “Isis Oracle 7/6/2022”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 5/21/2022

JOAN OF ARC: Voice of Truth: Stand strong. Focus on your purpose. Release the fear of persecution and speak your truth. Joan of Arc was a medieval French peasant girl who is reported to have been visited by Archangel Michael and other saints, who gave her information on how she could help Charles VII saveContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 5/21/2022”

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 2/9/2022

PSYCHE: Third Eye Knowledge and Intuition. Greek goddess of the soul and the third eye, Psyche was the wife of the god Eros, (whose Roman counterpart is Cupid). She used her third eye knowledge to attain her goal of being able to reunite with her lover. Psyche did not start out as a goddess, sheContinue reading “Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 2/9/2022”

Sacred Traveler Oracle 2/2/2022

MIRACLES: Expect the wondrous to emerge. Just around the bend, a miracle is waiting to happen. Release fear and uncertainty, and majestic wonders wait to unfold for you. Watch for them and embrace them. Some come in an unlikely form. Trust that all is unfolding for your highest good. Expect miracles in your life. TheContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle 2/2/2022”


Public speaking for Women Is there something within you that you desire to share yet don’t have the courage to speak your truth? Has your voice been silenced by others in the past or present? Are you consistently passed over in business meetings when you have something to contribute to the conversation? Have you everContinue reading “SHARE YOUR TRUTH”

Keepers of the Light Oracle, 8/20/2021

ISIS: Magic Manifesting; Your dreams, visions and goals are becoming reality. Stay focused. Isis is a strong, smart and focused Egyptian winged goddess. According to legend, she was able to move from darkness to light and between the underworld, heaven and Earth. For that reason, whenever she comes to us she will help us moveContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle, 8/20/2021”

Sacred Traveler Oracle, 8/4/2021

DISCOVERING TRUTH: You stand in the light of truth: Listen to the wisdom that rises from your soul, even if those around you don’t agree. Trust your instincts. Be yourself, whatever the situation, and respond from the authentic place inside. Be starkly honest with yourself. Speak your truth. Live your truth. “Walk your talk”. ListenContinue reading “Sacred Traveler Oracle, 8/4/2021”

The Sanctuary of Divine Love

A blessing on you that you may see the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth and know the truth. Truth is relative to a person’s life experience. Your personal, internal truth is unlike another’s personal truth. Your lessons to gain knowledge may be the same lessons as a friend’s but the teaching situations areContinue reading “The Sanctuary of Divine Love”


I AM, this is an exceptionally powerful statement. A declaration of self-knowledge, your spirit declares itself a divine sovereign being. We come from the hieros gamos union of our Divine Father and Divine Masculine, God and Goddess. Speak the words “I AM” and feel the power that rushes forth. You might feel the energy inContinue reading “I AM”