Beyond Lemuria Oracle 5/15/2022

EARTH: Nurture Nature: Looking after the planet, the ebb and flow of life, the loving embrace of Mother Nature, the natural beauty of death and decay, the macro-microcosm, time in nature, ancestors, growth through weathering storms, nurturing self and heart so you may flourish. No one can hold us the way nature can. Mama natureContinue reading “Beyond Lemuria Oracle 5/15/2022”

Keepers of the Light Oracle 9/5/2021

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Trusting Heaven; You are safe. Angels stand close. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur. Archangel Michael (Saint Michael) is one of the four major archangels in the Abrahamic religions. His twin flame is Faith. He is loved all over the world because he is the patron saint of protection. HeContinue reading “Keepers of the Light Oracle 9/5/2021”